CHAMBARA Sacred Path of the Warrior

Sacred Path of the Warrior ==
By Yves Moshe Ayache
Many writings were devoted to the study of warriors and often they gave a somewhat schematic picture of their philosophy and their behavior and attitude. I would like to introduce you to a completely new vision and little known throughout the Buddhist teachings of the Kalachakra on Chambara. These teachings and ancient principles were the source and guides who ordered the civilizations of all Tibetan Asia, India, China, Japan and Korea. These principles are nothing fancy but they deserve to ask and question the existence of the human being through the way of the warrior when courage attitude that allows every full enjoyment of his condition where fear has no right to call. The Chambara in the Tibetan tradition and a legendary mythical kingdom ruled by enlightened kings bathed in culture, wisdom and where all people shared this enthusiasm, a kind of ideal society. A society of consciousness and awakening   For only Chambara human wisdom in what is deeper than the will to live and survive to save the world at the difficulties she encounters. Given this lack of moral standards, unequal sharing of our society, faith everywhere derive a warrior behavior by contribute to help in this way. The art of the warrior is not to be taken in the sense of the confrontation with the other, but rather in the sense of courage any African civilization, North America, South America with Japan Samurai in the west this tradition we can find with the knights of the Round Table and in the old testament with King David. The secret of the art of the warrior through the acceptance and knowledge of either. Confidence either removes the fear of ourselves and of each other. By this path instead of confining selfishness of our own comfort and rejection of the other and its problems.  The consideration of the difficulties the existence of the other must shed light on our own pitfall and it is through our different actions that help us help ourselves.  The problem is not to impose a vision and a rigid design for all as we have seen too much in the history of our land. But to use the experience of each for the elevation of all. In this world where three quarters of the living beings in misery and the largest settlement talk of accomplishment and achievement seems a muddle. But it is only by returning all values ​​are simple as enjoying nature in its ultimate beauty such as a sunset, the welfare of the small fresh breeze that comes when very hot, waves, the silence that one feels on top of mountains, caress each other, the pleasure that the glass of our favorite drink. Forget all these artificial pleasures of research where our society has led us to the detriment of the other. So of sour avoid the opposite is to say to take care of everything and nothing to disperse to activism and activity rather than the action (for me as I have express through Meditation: "It is important to differentiate between action and activité.L'action is a spontaneous and creative response in action, our mind and our body act as totally dice. need arises. the action is immediate, absolute, not calculated but spontaneous and direct, it should not be linked to the result. As against the activity is a kind of escape, a reaction to our problems, which implies she never spontaneous, never complete. " To devote themselves and follow any person or ideology under the pretext that we would see a form of goodness. To retire to monasteries to dress a certain way to eat certain foods compared to other on one side possessing invest all their assets in other causes of possessing nothing to sacrifice their lives for other causes. The Teachings of Chambara are other trying to discover and understand the way we live, our behavior we are free men in the sense that we have the opportunity to perfect us to rise to take the measure and fullness of the world we live every day, without disguise. There is no question of self flagellation to blame but simply and without excess to see and Understand and act with maximum vis-à-vis other goodness. The very nature of the art of the warrior, the courage of man and deny the desperation and frustration at the difficulties that encounter where before some behavior. Everything depends on us, and our improvement and will help save humanity. This idea dates back to later in the history of humanity and the beginning of building a society of awareness and awakening and the beginning of the sacred way of the warrior. The present moment When you're in the moment, our life takes on another dimension. We have more control over the events. Meditation is a form of an adventure journey to the unknown self. We do not devont see it as a religious act. Western civilization, fascinated by the Orient, was far from any response too will understand this concept from its own values, based on the appearance and performance. Meditation is the achievement of the center; meditate is breaking identification, self-images and the world that was manufactured, meditate is to be alert, attentive. It is able to look like from the outside, his own lust, anger, jealousy, desire to possess. When we became aware of these feelings, they fade, there is no apprehension of the future, then we live fully in the present. It explodes in reality, reality explodes in itself, we can open up to others. To be in harmony with the world, man must first develop his inner harmony. If our work is not good, so do not blame her partner, but look for the answer in ourselves. We must think about what we do for ourselves, act without worrying about the result; rather than seek a relative efficiency, it is about creating a situation where meditation is possible, and thus act conscientiously. To link with the previous paragraph: The activity is in meditation to all the images that circulate in the brain when one goes into seiza, and that one closes his eyes that one stands right course and we breathe. At that time, you have to let it go. A Swami gave this advice about this mental state: "we must let the little monkey waving, and one day it will stop." The action is your breathing, the moment awareness, acceptance images that represent you. The action is to not do not try to control the will these images flash in your brain. Everything must go through the heart, not the head, because the heart is deeper than the head. By opening ourselves to ourselves and to others, meditation also has its collective dimension. Fear, courage The idea of ​​death is inescapable trend we paralyzed before any decisions and actions we must accomplish. The silence bothers us the remains idly stirred us more. The stillness disturbs us it seems that death might come from that moment. We search all the time the perpetual movement ideal one that distance us from ever end. We always go to the search of new pleasure to not think. We devont at all costs avoid boredom. Accepting that one is afraid is not a weakness either in rather than destroy us feeling, that sensation must allow us to access the courage.le Courage must not reduce fear but rather tame and beyond . We must learn to understand our different feelings of sadness which sometimes earns us the sensation we feel before crying sensitivity to certain events further prove our weakness makes us grow in the way of the warrior. According to the principles of the warrior, the warrior ideal is to experience sadness and tenderness and that is where he must draw from his valor and far from weakening it, the warrior is increasing hardness and flexibility. Without learning the sadness and tenderness valor would break before the first resistance. The harmony of body and mind It is a permanent research that has been part of us since the beginning of humanity. Put our thoughts in line with our actions. This is not through learning a few invented some technique. Not being offset to ourselves and the world that we entoure.On determines 2 steps we define as look and see but one could also say, listen and hear, or touch and feel. Looking first few create discomfort if we have a little doubt it make us anxious because we do not trust our eyes. Sometimes we prefer to close our eyes no longer look. But yet look at our world as it is our strength has come to insist we can see, this is the second step. See things as they are without adding the word so that it changes our vision through the filter of our thought. But when we come to the harmony of mind and body, you can watch and see no need to speak. The more we see the world the more it will seem clear and it will become a source of wonder. This way of harmonizing our mind and body will develop in us more courage. Courage does not mean he does jump into the void. Being brave means here to be able to respond directly to all the events that surround us and that we face. It is also seen as we are to accept that this awakening of human dignity is the rise of the human warrior art. I will end my comments on the sacred path of the warrior by some principles that mark the different stages of this path. The opposite of courage is the way of the cowardice of cutting from the world by creating a cocoon we have seen in recent times to develop a fashion trend that is called "cocooning" so we protect nothing can we arriver.Chez the warrior, by against the world is naturally full of interest.   For the warrior the path of detachment allows him to separate from anything that could a barrier between himself and others. Often we think wrongly that this is the way of not feeling quite the contrary "nothing is important everything is important." The path of detachment in other words the warrior opens to the world and to others. The art of the warrior is a continuous journey; be a warrior is learning to be true it is to say true every moment of his life.  


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